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The project acceptance meeting of the National 973 Program was held in Shanghai

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On October 17, 2018, The acceptance meetingof the 973 Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, hosted andundertaken by the China Aviation Industry Radio Electronics Research Institute(615 Institute), "Research on the BasicIssues of Safety of Integrated Aircraft Avionics Systems for LargeAircrafts" (Project No. 2014CB744900), was held inthe conference room 2A-102 of 615 Institute. The meeting was chaired by theproject's chief scientist, former director of the 615 Institute, Wang Guoqing,and he was also the leader of the project acceptance expert group. The membersof the project acceptance expert group include: Responsible expert of the 973program area expert advisory group, Professor Zhang Xiaolin of Beihang University,responsible expert, Professor Qiu Dishan of National University of DefenseTechnology; the project expert group members include Professor Zhou Shigangfrom Northwestern Polytechnical University, Professor Xiong Huagang from BeihangUniversity, and Zhang Junchao, deputy chief of the First Aircraft Design andResearch Institute of AVIC,researcher Jin Dekun of theAviation Industry Science and Technology Commission, Zhu Jihong, researcher ofTsinghua University, and Wang Fengjun, researcher of COMAC, and fellow experts,Yuan Hao, researcher of the Aviation Industry Technology Quality Department, andLiu Fang, senior accountant of the Aviation Industry Planning and FinanceDepartment, have a total of 11 people. The project leaders, including ProfessorXiao Gang of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor Wang Shihai of BeihangUniversity, and Yang Songyan of AVIC Xi'an Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.,attended the project acceptance meeting.


At the meeting, the expert group forproject acceptance listened to the work reports of the project leaders , and onthe basis of reviewing the summary report of the project, a comprehensiveevaluation of the completion of each project, the level and innovation of theresearch results, the contribution of the project to the overall objectives ofthe project, the innovation ability of the research team, the talentcultivation, data sharing and data archiving, and the use of funds were made.Professor Xiao Gang from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, on behalf of Subject 3“Safety of Integrated System Function Information Integration (2014CB744903)”reported on the completion of the research work, important research progress,innovation and implementation effects. In the past five years, the advancedavionics and intelligent information group led by Professor Xiao Gang hasfocused on the safety requirements of large-scale aircraft integrated avionicssystems, closely surrounding the security issues of integrated system functioninformation integration, under the leadership of the chief scientist and thesupport of the supporting unit, the research on fault desalination, implied andchaotic safety of multi-source functional information fusion caused by avionicssynthesis was pioneered, completed the research content stipulated in the taskbook, completed 1 summary report and 22 technical research reports, published41 academic papers (including 14 SCI/EI), and was invited to participate in 12international and domestic academic conferences (including 3 awards forconference papers), published 3 academic monographs and translations, trained25 postdoctoral, doctoral and postgraduate students, applied for or authorized8 national invention patents, obtained 6 software copyrights, and obtained 1provincial and ministerial level scientific research and talent awards.


After listening to the team leader andrepresentative results, the members of the expert group carefully reviewed theproject acceptance data. The subject 3, “Safety of Integrated System FunctionInformation Integration” undertaken by Shanghai Jiao Tong University passed theacceptance test with excellent results.