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About The Request for Absence

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TO  students

Please see the attachment - request for absence.

1.Those  need to ask for leave in the future, please get the print request for absence at my side.
2.The request for absence should back to my place after the signature.
3. Special circumstances, such as you have been in the outside are not convenient to hand to fill,   fill  in the electronic (sending me and Xiao teacher),when you come back to school  , fill this signature at my side.
4. The electronic, I also put it on the cloud disk group 360.
5. Request for absence could minimum by the hour.
6. Ask for leave more than 3 days, in addition to obtain teacher Xi's signature, and sign by teacher Xiao.
7. The student groups are divided into avionics and optoelectrionics.

8. About position, students fill graduate students and doctoral students.

From Teacher Xi