Advanced Avionics and Intelligent Information Laboratory

Control of Small Scale Unmanned Aircraft Systems Under Wind Conditions

2016-03-11 00:00浏览数:139 

Speaker: Chen Wenhua (Professor, Department of aerospace and automotive engineering, Loughborough University)

Time: March 22, 2016 (Tuesday) PM 1:30-3:00

Place: First Lecture Hall, Aerospace Building


Small unmanned aerial vehicles are finding a wide range of applications including aerial survey, remote sensing, and close-in infrastructure inspection. However, they are quite vulnerable to wind conditions and gust due to their low mass and inertia. This talk explains the application of Disturbance Observer Based Control (DOBC) in flight control system design for small scale unmanned aerial vehicles. It will give an overview of the disturbance observer based control technique and explain its novelty and significance. Then it will be applied to control both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft for waypoint tracking and path following in the presence of wind conditions. Video clips of the flight tests will be shown in the talk.