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AAII research group went to Suzhou to carry out research activitie

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On November 3, 2019, under the leadership of Professor Xiao Gang, the AAII research group went to Suzhou to carry out research activity. The research group visited Dongling Vibration Test Instrument Co., Ltd., Kingstar Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Huangdai High-tech Zone Government, had a cordial and friendly communication with relevant enterprises and government departments.

The group started from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at 7 am. Then started a compact and substantial tour after visiting the Qionglong Mountain Scenic Area.


Accompanied by the commentator of Dongling, research group visited the company's cultural exhibition hall, achievement exhibition area, new product exhibition hall, intelligent vibration reduction experience platform, and a variety of military and civilian dual-use test equipment independently developed by Dongling. In the intelligent vibration reduction experience platform, the teachers and students communicated with the company's technical personnel the technical principles and application fields of the product. At the subsequent meeting, Wang Xiaozhong, Chairman of Dongling Company, introduced the company's cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the aerospace research institutes, sharing his own innovation and entrepreneurial experience with the members of the research group. He has summarized and refined the management philosophy and experience in his years of innovation and creation practice. The leaders and the young teachers in the group also shared their experiences and insights on the development of test equipment, innovation and entrepreneurship. Everyone expressed their high appreciation for the achievements of Dongling.


Next, under the guidance of General Manager Ma Zhiming, the research group visited the production assembly workshop and product exhibition hall of Suzhou Kingstar Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The members of the research group showed great curiosity about these production equipments and products during the visit. Subsequently, General Manager Ma and relevant personnel of the company organized a meeting between the two parties to introduce the company's development history, business status and development strategy.


Finally, the research group drove to the Huangdai High-tech Zone Government and received a warm reception. In the development planning exhibition hall of Huangdai High-tech Zone, the lecturer introduced the status quo, advantages, development process and development plan of Huangdai High-tech Zone. The wonderful introduction and the huge development potential of Huangdai were impressive. After visiting the exhibition hall, the two sides held an exchange meeting. The research group's teachers, Wang Miao and Wang Bo, introduced the research progress and achievements in aviation medical and intelligent logistics, received great attention from the government departments.


At about 8:30 pm, the research group went back to Shanghai. In this research activity, the teachers and students of the research group have experienced the beautiful scenery of Suzhou, exercised their body, broadened their horizons, and benefited from the communications with outstanding private enterprises and government departments. It is a rare and precious experience.

In this activity, the AAII is accompanied by: Wang Guoqing, the original director of the 615 institute, special professor of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhong Jinguo, the military representative of the Air Force in Shanghai, and the former deputy director, Yu Fei, deputy chief engineer and senior engineer of the Air Force's representative office in Shanghai.

The trip to Suzhou was planned and implemented by the teaching secretary of the research group, Xi Xiaoqian.