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Prof.Xiao's Project Approved by NSFC

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On Aug 16, 2019, Prof. Xiao received the notice that a title of “Study on Aircraft Generalized Conflict Resolution and Trajectory Optimization with Multiple Constraints in Complex Airspace Environment”(61973212)has been approved by NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China). The abstract of the project as follows:

The problem of flight safety in complex airspace is raised. The complex spatial environment of physical factors such as air traffic, meteorology and topography are defined as multiple constraints in this proposal. The concept of aircraft generalized conflict resolution under multiple constraints is defined as well. The minimum fuel consumption and shortest time for aircraft conflict relief are two objects used in the optimization function. In three-dimensional complex airspace environment, the optimal control problem of collaboration/cooperation aircraft, continuous maneuvering, and aircrafts conflict relief is converted into a mixed integer nonlinear programming problem. The SCIP is used to get numerical solution that is the optimal strategy to avoid complex airspace threat. There is a ONETWO-THREE-FOURclue for this project. That is ONE scientific problem, cognitive mechanism forcomplex spatial environment elements. TWO key technologies are optimal controlproblem modeling, integer programming numerical solution and generalized trajectory optimization. THREE innovations are model, algorithm and simulation platform. And There are FOUR research contents. The feature cognitive mechanism for the complex environmental elements reflect the flight safety, such as physics, geometry and behavior characteristics will be revealed. The scientific problem about discrete variables and continuous variables coexistence,nonlinear coupling for multiple constraints will be studied in this project.The key technology of the optimal control problem modeling and trajectory optimization is solved. And an aircraft conflict relief simulation platform is established also. The optimization economical trajectory will be solved toensure flight safety in a complex spatial environment. There are three major problems will be solved by the generalized conflict resolution based on partial authorization of airborne aircraft environmental monitoring system and flight plan, respectively. The results are expected to improve the air traffic transportation efficiency, support the improvement for the aircraft comprehensive environmental surveillance based on the Trajectory Based Operations (TBO). It has important theoretical and practical significance forthe globally optimal free flight.